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Real Expert Qatar being the no: 1 laptop service center in Qatar and also computer repair shop is dedicated to serve you and be a companion in solving all your laptop issues. Real Expert Laptop service center Qatar and computer repair shop have the best and experienced technicians to solve all the problems related to laptop. Servicing our clients with our best efforts and security is our priority. Our laptop service center in qatar and our computer repair shop have an overall solution for your damaged laptop. We care and prove it with the service we do. For all laptop related services laptop service doha will be there with you. The services mainly offered by us include laptop repair, mobile phone repair, iphone repair, macbook repair, ipad repair, computer repair shop. Since its inception in 2010, Real Expert Qatar is a customer driven, customer focused servicing company in Doha, Qatar. We, Real Expert Qatar is well equipped to service all the issues with your mobile phone, laptop, iphone, macbook,desktop. Whatever be the issue we are always here to help.

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Real Expert Qatar is one of the leading laptop service center in qatar and computer repair shop in qatar. If you face any problems with your laptop and computer, Real expert laptop repair doha and computer repair shop will be the best choice for you. Laptop has become an important factor in our day to day life whether it be for office or personal use. Important information’s are stored in it and it is so much frustrating to see our laptop stops working. Real Expert Laptop Serivce Center and computer repair shop value your time and we provide end to end laptop repair and computer repair including data recovery services. Our laptop repair technicians and computer repair technicians in doha can troubleshoot any problem with your laptop. Laptop’s like any other electronic gadgets will need frequent repairs and knowing the fact we provide quality repair work to your laptop. We, real expert laptop service center qatar and computer repair shop can solve any issues related to your laptop and computer. If you are looking for laptop spare parts in Qatar, we have it ready. Our technicians are capable of repairing any kind of issues you face with your laptop and computer whether it be laptop battery replacement, laptop keyboard repair, laptop screen repair/replacement, mother board repair, laptop broken hinge repair etc. Chip level servicing is done and we use most modern equipment's for laptop service. However small or complicated the issue might be we Real Expert laptop repair center in qatar and computer repair shop can diagnose and fix the issue without much delay.

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Real Expert Qatar has experienced technicians who can recover your lost data. We recover data from laptops, hardware, External Hard disks, mobile phones, CCTV, RAID, and SSHD etc. We provide expert data recovery service in doha, Qatar. Each one of us might have faced a data loss at any point of time while using a laptop or mobile or from any other device. While working on an important project and at the midst of the work you find your system has stopped working leaving the document unsaved? Or any major issues happened to your laptop and it has stopped working. Or you accidently deleted an important file from your device? Don’t panic we have solution to all these issues. There are software’s available for data recovery but that won’t always solve the real problem. It is not guaranteed and can worsen the situation especially if you are not experienced. It is always good to reach out to an expert to recover your data. We provide 100% data recovery in most cases. No matter which device you are using, we Real Expert Qatar can recover your lost data. We provide very professional, affordable and fast data recovery service in doha, qatar. We use advanced methods to recover data. We provide logical and physical recovery on any type of hard ware. Our technicians have very good knowledge and experience in data recovery. We have delivered more than 1000 of successful data recovery service across qatar. And people trust us because we provide high confidentiality to the works we perform with high precision and utmost care.

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Computer Repair

Real expert Qatar is one of the leading computer repair centres in Doha. Computer Repair shop provides you a wide range of repairing services for all brands of desktops. With appreciable years of experience in providing quality desktop service, computer repair shop is full-fledged to help you. We give the first preference to customer satisfaction and this is what makes computer repair center qatar quite distinct. Computer service center doha is well furnished with all the modern technical requirements to offer you the best service. We have a team of experienced technicians to repair all the issues with your computer. We always make sure that your desktop is thoroughly checked for any problems and are properly solved. We offer you a wide range of services like software installation, OS installation, data back-up solution, data recovery, as well as virus protection and removal for your computers. You can get your computer repaired at reasonable cost, in less than no time. So don’t worry about your desktop issues, computer repair shop in doha is well set to serve you right at Doha. Real Expert computer repair shop has been into desktop since years and has experience in servicing Desktop computers which are used for both home and office use. We do all kind of repair works and memory disk upgrades to speed up your desktop.

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Real Expert Qatar is one of the best mobile phone service center qatar. This is a one stop repair centre to repair all branded mobile phones. We have years of experience in servicing all branded mobile phones, whatever might the issue be. Our service engineers can diagnose and fix any problems related to mobile phone and we provide quality repair. We have an exclusive mobile store with all latest mobile brands and accessories for you to choose from. As the advancement of technology there are new developments in mobile phones and our team is up to date with all latest technologies and are trained to rectify all issues related to mobile phones. If you accidently drop your mobile down or you spill liquid on to your phone, don’t worry. We can fix i.e. also do mobile phone data recovery.

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Apple Repair Centre

We are one of the top apple service center in qatar. Real expert Qatar has a team of experienced engineers specialized in servicing Apple products. A branded device like Apple needs extra care and Real Expert Qatar know how to take care of your device and fix the issue within a limited time. We offer services like iphone service center qatar, ipad service center qatar, macbook service center qatar, apple watch center qatar. We do chip level servicing, data recovery and lot more. We also offer water damage repair and broken device repair. We also have an exclusive store for all Apple products accessories for you to choose. In case a replacement is needed we have it ready and will not cause any delay .We know how important your apple device is and so provide fast and reliable repair work.

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Laptop Repair Centre

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Laptop service centre Doha attempts to provide the finest service possible by being polite, helpful, and cost-effective. At laptop repair Doha, problems are resolved within a few hours. We are the most trusted laptop battery replacement Doha, laptop screen replacement Doha, and laptop keyboard replacement Doha company. If we anticipate that work may take longer than expected, we will notify you. The laptop service Qatar will never charge you any hidden fees. We will tell you how much the job will cost and how long it will take. We shall describe our efforts in layman's terms. Laptop repair Qatar takes pride in its service quality and devotion to you. Real Expert Laptop Service Centre Qatar and computer repair shops offer the best and most experienced specialists to address any laptop problem. Our clients' satisfaction and security are our top priorities. Our laptop repair centre in Qatar and computer repair shop provides a comprehensive solution for your broken laptop. Real Expert Qatar is a customer-driven and customer-focused service provider based in Doha, Qatar. We, at Real Expert Qatar, are highly able to handle any of your mobile phone, laptop, iPhone, MacBook, and desktop problems. Whatever the problem, we are always willing to assist.


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Excellent Customer Support

We have a very receptive and active customer support team to answer all your queries.Our team is ready to help you.

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Quality Service

Your laptops serviced with detailing done and with high end testing to ensure quality repair. We handle your laptops with good care.

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Affordable Price

You will get your laptops repaired at a very reasonable price and also get all original laptop replacements with warranty at its best price.

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We use original products for repair/replacement because we value your reputation. We also protect your personal data from being misused.

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laptop service service center Qatar . Real Expert Qatar had helped me in fixing the screen of my Dell laptop. They made the replacement within few hours. The wait was really worth since we got the phone serviced with great care and quality. I would refer this place for my friends and family. All should get the best services for their beloved gadget. The team is really friendly, they were really welcoming and had the happy to help face. The pleasant people in the store makes us also tension free.

laptop repair doha

Technicians have a very good technical knowledge and experience to repair your laptop. They cleared all the doubts regarding the laptop. Very friendly people. this is the best computer repair shop near my location

Laptop Service Center Qatar

Fast and reliable computer repair service. Happy with the service provided. Friendly staffs

Laptop Service Center Doha

I had given my laptop for keyboard replacement which i was not able to find the keyboard anywhere in Qatar,since it is an old model.I got the work done from Real expert Qatar. The person who handled at the counter was Rinas and he was very kind in providing the details about the service and cost. Thank yous so much.good service center for laptop in Qatar

Laptop Repair Center Qatar

Fast and reliable computer repair service. Happy with the service provided. Friendly staffs best laptop service center in doha

Laptop Repair Center Qatar

Real Expert Qatar is the best place for you get your hp laptop repaired. It is the best hp service center qatar. They services all the issues with your hp laptop. Leading hp repair center doha

Laptop Repair Center Qatar

These guys repaired my laptops display cable, which was cut (soldered it back) in 24 hours and it only cost 150 riyals. The new display cable itself would have cost me at least 120 and took at least 2 weeks to arrive. Highly recommend it!

Laptop Repair Center Qatar

With out thinking. If you have a problem with your laptop. Definitely you will find the best solution with affordable price. Nice and professional guys. They make the required maintenance for my legion 7 hinge within one day.

Laptop Repair Center Qatar

Had a great experience. My laptop was dead there was issue with charging point. They fixed it within 24 hours for reasonable price.

Laptop Repair Center Qatar

I had issues with my Lenovo laptop and they serviced in a couple of days with pretty good pricing. I recommend them. The comp is now running better them ever.

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Laptop Common Issues

Nothing is more Aggravating than a Laptop not functioning properly. Some Hardware issues are quite common across Laptops and you may be able to troubleshoot and find a quick fix. Overheating, System Crash, Viruses or Malware, Laptop not turning on, Blank Screen, Laptop turning on and off repeatedly, Laptop shut down or freezes, Screen light fails, Repetitive beep sound on starting, Accidental data loss, missing backups on Laptop, failing Logic Board and a few more are some issues found in Laptops.if you troubleshoot common laptop issues and again find problems, then it's time to turn to the professionals

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Screen Replacement

Laptop doesn't turn on, blank display, dimmed display, cracked laptop display, colored vertical lines in the display are common issues leading to laptop screen replacement. Laptop not turning on may be due to motherboard issues. internal cracks due to excessive force on the screen may also lead to screen damage.

Laptop Service Center Qatar

Keyboard Replacement

Your keyboard may stop working if keyboard driver has developed a fault. Unresponsive keyboard may be due to outdated keyboard and USB driver. Hardware issues may also cause laptop keyboard issues. Plug an external keyboard in such cases, and if it doesn't work then the problem is a software issue.

Laptop Repair Center Qatar

Battery Replacement

Laptop battery declines Battery will slowly lose capacity due to age. Getting hot when charging, losing charge quickly, taking too much time to get charged are some of the common issues leading to laptop battery replacement. Cold temperatures can also be an issue if you live in a cold climate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I get all services for mobile phones and laptops in Doha?

    Yes. There are a lot of service centers present in Doha, where you can get all-inclusive services for all brands of mobile phones and laptops. Real expert is a premier center among them.

    Why my laptop battery is not charging up?

    This can be due to the fault with the ac adaptor or the battery itself. If the adaptor is OK, then the issue is with the battery and it needs to be boosted.

    Do I get screen replacement service for HTC phone in Doha?

    Yes, of course. Real expert is one of the top service centers in Doha where you can avail all kinds of services for HTC smartphones.