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iPhone service center in qatar


An accidental slip of your iphone can cause an extensive damage or a lighter one if you are lucky enough. A common damage which happen for a iphone can be a screen crack or scratch, and this may annoy you more than anything. You might be desperately looking for a genuine service center for your iphone screen replacement. Your hunt for a good iphone repair center in Qatar is over here. Real Expert Qatar has an expert team of technician and service engineers who are proffesionally trained and experienced to repair your iphone to the highest possible standard. We replace with high qualicity replacement screens which has warranty and we offer at an affordale price. We avail all iphone replacement accessories from one own store at a very competitive price which comes with extended warranty.

iPhone service center in Doha


If your iphone has submerged in water, as water is a good conductor of electricity, it may potentially damage the internal circuitry of the device. Due to the surge of electricity, it may cause some electronic components to get damage. The severity of the damage depends upon the amount of liquid entered inside the device and whether the device was turned on during or after it was submerged and also the type of liquid entered the iPhone. In the cases of liquid damage repair, our technical support team needs to dis-assemble your device, clean it up thoroughly, inspect & test the internal components and repair them as necessary. Repairing works may take a few days depending on the severity of the damage of the device. Feel free to reach our service centre at Real expert Qatar for any kind of liquid damage to your iphone. We are happy to help you.

iPhone repair center in qatar


Every electronic gadgets needs power to work in its full swing. If you are going through a problem related to iPhone battery charging or slow charging or battery draining. First make sure that you charge it with the USB adapter and cable that came with your device. If still you battery isn't charging or your iphone is not holding the charge then the problem might be complex and it may point out to a software or a hardware issue. Now it's time to take a closer look at your iphone. We Real Expert Qatar provides all the services and repairs regarding problem like this. We have a fully fladged panel of technicians, who are experienced and skilled at the same time to provide the service.

iPhone repair center in Doha


Nowadays we use our mobile phones almost 24x7 days and no wonder there are chances for our batteries to drain quickly. And we all know iphone is known for its battery life but when your iphone is draining when it shouldn't, then it must be due to some other issues. Generally battery should last around 12 hours without another recharge. If it is not sounds like your iphone waiting then don't get panic, it needs a service and we Real Expert Qatar is here to help you. Our team is able to replace the battery in a short span of time. We will take your iphone apart replace the battery and run some quick test to confirm everything is working as it should do. We replace every damaged parts with genuine parts and offers a performance warranty of year.

iPhone service center in qatar


Speaker is through which music or any sound comes out. The speaker damage can happen to anyone at some point or other. We should expect the least. It gets damaged usually due to water getting where it shouldn't or phone being exposed to steam. If the speaker stops working, you may not be able to use the speaker or hear anything all, or you may hear a crackly sound when you try and use it. Dont worry!! Our Experts are here to fix any kind of speaker problem. Our repair services only takes about half an hour to complete and we offer warranty for all the replacement done by us. We use 100% genuine replacement parts.

iPhone service center Doha


The iphone users have started facing a very strange speaker issue, the speaker is not working while they call anyone. The opposite person is able to hear the voice, but the user can't listen to anything in return without jumping to fixing your speaker problem. Where our expert panel has experienced and skilled technicians to digg deep and analyse the problem. In the case of hardware problem, the only solution would be to get your speaker replaced.

iPhone repair center in qatar


Are you selfimania ? Do you adore shooting slowmotion videos with iphone? Then the most used app on ypur phone will be iphone camera app. So it will be a disacter to find it non-working one day. You might be facing problems like camera app seems to be frozen or laggy, back camera shows nothing but a black screen, switching between the front and rear cameras freezes the app, camera flash doesn't sync with shots and may be many more. It doesn't matter which iphone model you have iphone 3GS, iphone 4, iphone 4s, iphone 5, iphone 5s, iphone 5c, iphone 6, iphone 6plus, iphone 7, iphone 7plus, iphone 8, iphone 8plus, iphone 9 and iphone x. We Real Expert Qatar is Ready to bring smile on your face. Our Expert technicians are ready to solve any issues with your iphone.

iPhone repair center in Doha


Do you have issues like iphone back panel scratches, broken, or a bent,then its time for you to have a back panel replacement. If you own a older models of iphones like iphone 3GS, iphone 4 or iphone 4s then the back panel replacement can be done in no time but if your iphone is newer model of iphone like iphone 5, iphone 5s, iphone 5c, iphone 6, iphone 6plus, iphone 7, iphone 7plus, iphone 8, iphone 8plus, iphone 9 and iphone x then it needs a bit more time as newer models iphone. The iphone have all the components mounted on the back panel.

iPhone service center in qatar


Iphone lock problem is the most common issue that the iphone users face. Children’s are the ones who play with the iphones and get the iphone lockout. IPhone passwords/passcodes help restrict access to your phone. But at times we all forget the password or enter the wrong passcode and get locked out. The iPhone usually gives the user six attempts to enter the correct passcode before the iphone gets locked. Although this seems like a reasonable number of chances to help you remember and enter the correct passcode, many people still find themselves with locked or disable devices from time to time. Don’t worry! We at Real expert Qatar provide you the perfect solution. Our smart team of technicians are expert enough to handle iphone lock problem. We have years of experience in solving the iphone lock problem of many customers.