Real Expert-iWatch Services Doha,Qatar


If your Apple Watch has a broken screen or if the touch is not working then the display might need a replacement. At Real Expert Qatar, we understand that for any Apple Watch owner like you, the device is more than just a timekeeping gadget or fashion accessory. It is the perfect companion device to your iPhone, helping you keep track of your productivity, fitness and health. We can help service your Apple Watch in case of any technical glitches or physical damage. Are you going through a similar problem? Relax!! We are here to help you. We at Real Expert Qatar provide best screen replacement service for Apple watch by using high quality imported screens and spares. We value for your time and service and hand over the device as fast as possible.


If your Apple Watch does not hold charge for a long time or if the battery is draining fast then you can make sure that there is issue with your Apple Watch battery. It’s not easy for a common Apple watch user to identify the problem. It needs a diagnose from the expert who can correctly point what’s wrong and how it could be sot out. It’s not a good practise to continue using you apple watch with a weak battery because it can affect other functionalities too. So it’s better to hand over to an Apple watch servicing specialist like us, where you get to experience the best Apple watch servicing serving .Our expert team of service engineers and technicians are skilled and have years of experience in Apple watch repairing which are visible in our servicing. Our prior concern is customer satisfaction.


We all probably already know that electronics and water doesn’t go in hand. Apple watch being a wearable it’s not completely water proof but water resistant. No matter how much care we take, accidental damages to the Apple watches are inevitable. Exposing Apple watches to soapy water, perfumes, solvents can damage your Apple watch. While it’s not completely waterproof, you can wear the smartwatch in the shower, as well as expose it to other small water situations, but you might be tempted to take things a bit further, and that could be disastrous and can cost you more. Depending on the extent of the damage to the components of your Apple Watch, we can bring it back to life.