How to save laptop from liquid damage

It may happen to any of us while using our laptop that our glass of juice falls on the keyboard, or following a flood or heavy rain, the gadget gets wet with water. What to do in such a situation? The best thing to do is seek a professional help. But, once getting know about some tips and tricks, you can also do you part to save your laptop from a worst damage. If we are well-informed and confident, we are sufficient for being the saviors of laptops. At least, we need to know about the ‘first aid’ that should be given to our laptops in case of any liquid damage. We shall see the important things that need to be done when you encounter any liquid damage to your laptop.

Turn off the laptop and disconnect from power source

Once any liquid happens to spill on the laptop, power off the device as soon as possible. This step is so crucial because the liquid would be in contact with the internal circuits and this would cause them to short and that is why we should suddenly turn the laptop off, if it is active. If it is charging, or is connected to a power source, disconnect it from the power source quickly. To disconnect the laptop from a power source, simply remove the charger cable from the laptop. It's typically on the left or right side of the laptop's housing.

Wipe out the residual liquid

Using a clean cloth, wipe out the liquid on the surface of the laptop. This will help in minimizing the exposure of laptop to more liquid on the surface, the seeping in of the liquid, and thus decreases the risk of electric shock and further short circuit.

Turn the gadget upside-down

Extend the screen away from the keypad and turn the laptop upside down so as to form an inverted V-shape. If possible, take out the battery from its case. For certain laptops like MacBooks, the bottom of the laptop should be unscrewed and separated from the rest of the laptop casing. Turning the laptop upside down will help greatly in draining the liquid from the gadget’s interior.

Remove all external devices from the laptop

Unplug all the external peripheral devices like flash drives, wireless adapters, chargers, memory cards, controllers like your mouse, and the laptop charger.

Clean the device

Use a dry cloth and place the laptop for a number of days on this cloth. Choose a warm and dry area. Now extend your laptop screen and make the laptop body as flat as possible, depending on the flexibility. You may speed up the rate of evaporation by placing the device under a fan. Wipe the whole laptop surface and the different parts including the keyboard. Always place the laptop in a way that helps an easy drain of the residua liquid. Make sure you ground yourself because it will help remove static electricity from your body, or else this electricity can destroy the laptop’s internal circuit, while you touch them.

Remove any internal hardware

You can make use of the manual for your laptop or online for knowing how to remove the hardware. If you are not confident for removing the internal hardwares like RAM, hard drives, etc, you may seek assistance from a repair centre.

Reassemble the device

Dry the internal devices carefully using microfiber cloth. Use compressed air to blow away dust, grit, and any other non-liquid residue. Leave the laptop as such for one or two days. Place the laptop in a dry place. After drying it for some days, reassemble the laptop and restart it. Check whether any distortion is there with sound or display or there is any problem with the performance. If any such shortcomings occur, take the laptop to an expert repair centre.

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